Psychiatry Telephone Consultation - A Primary Care Collaboration


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Please select your service type (General, Adolescent (ages 17 and under), Concurrent Disorders/Addiction, Women's Clinic, or Geriatric Psychiatry Telephone Consult) and then select a date to start your search for available appointment times.

Please note:

  • This service provides psychiatry telephone consultations to primary care providers. 
  • The patient who is the subject of the consultation must be under your direct care as a primary care provider.
  • At your scheduled appointment time, a psychiatrist will call you directly at the number you identify as part of booking this appointment. 
  • Your name and contact information will be collected and used for the purposes of this consultation and for updates regarding this service and related services/opportunities.


Please contact Diana Woropay at or call 905-430-4055 x6093 with any questions or feedback regarding this service.