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**Virtual VITA appointments are only being booked through this portal currently for clients in Central & Northeastern Connecticut. Clients who are eligible for VITA and have access to a computer/smart phone, wifi/internet, and a valid telephone number and email address, can book their Virtual VITA appointment below. Please book your appointment a minimum of three days out from the day you book it. Example: If today is Tuesday, please don't book your appointment prior to Thursday of this week. Prior to your scheduled phone appointment, you must complete the Virtual VITA intake form at https://thevillage.jotform.com/201054342489150 as soon as possible. The link to this form will also be in the confirmation email you receive. 

**Individuals who do not quality for VITA or do not have the technology for Virtual VITA may file their taxes for free online at www.myfreetaxes.com. Individuals in other regions of the state, can access other Virtual VITA programs by going to www.211ct.org/taxhelp

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Welcome to the online Connecticut VITA calendar where you can book your own free tax appointment.

The VITA program is for individuals who generally make $56,000 or less, persons with disabilities and limited English speaking taxpayers who need assistance in preparing their own tax returns. Also, individuals who are self-employed should have business expenses less than $25,000 and individuals should not have income from a rental property. 

Use the dropdowns at the left to select the type of tax return and assistance you need in order to find a location that can best prepare your taxes:

  • Basic Tax Return: Select if not itemizing your deductions, no health savings account, and your income was only from CT sources.
  • Advanced Tax Return: Select if you itemize deductions, own your own business (1099 income including rideshare income), or have retirement income.
  • Basic Tax Return w/ Health Savings Account (HSA): Select if you have a Health Savings Account, but do not itemize deductions.
  • Multi-State Tax Return: Select if you received income in more than 1 state in 2019 or lived in one state and earned income in a different state (e.g. lived in CT but worked in NY).
  • SPANISH - Basic Tax Return: Seleccione si no se detallan sus deducciones, ninguna cuenta de ahorros para la salud, y su ingreso solo provino de CT
  • SPANISH - Advanced Tax Return: Seleccione si detalla las deducciones, es dueño de su propio negocio (1099 ingresos, incluido el ingreso compartido) o tiene ingresos de jubilación.
  • SPANISH - Basic Tax Return w/ Health Savings Account (HSA)Seleccione si tiene una Cuenta de ahorros para la salud, pero NO detalle sus deducciones y necesita un preparador de impuestos que hable español
  • SPANISH - Multi-State Tax ReturnSeleccione si recibió ingresos en más de 1 estado en 2019 o si vivió en un estado y obtuvo ingresos en un estado diferente (por ejemplo, vivió en CT pero trabajó en NY).

IMPORTANT: Tax returns cannot be prepared unless you bring the following documents with you to your appointment: 

  1. Photo ID for you and/or spouse if filing jointly
  2. Social Security Cards or ITIN Letters for every family member 
  3. W-2s and/or 1099s from ALL jobs worked in 2019
  4. Health Insurance Documents - If you signed-up for health insurance through the CT Marketplace, you must bring all tax documents that you receive from the Marketplace (Forms 1095A, B or C). If you received form 1095A, it is REQUIRED to complete your tax return.
  5. Unemployment compensation (form 1099G)
  6. Business expenses, if self-employed
  7. Interest/Dividend statements from your financial institutions, if applicable (forms #1099INT, 1099DIV)
  8. Tuition and student loan information, if applicable (form 1098T or 1098E)
  9. Documentation from daycare provider (their SSN or EIN), if you paid for child care in 2019
  10. Annual mortgage information, if you own a home
  11. CT State 2018 refund, if you itemized your return last year
  12. Taxes paid to the town (property taxes, automobile taxes, etc.)
  13. Charitable donations that you made (monetary or other)
  14. Other income or IRS notices that you received
  15. Copy of last year's tax return
  16. Voided check (or checking account and routing number), if you would like direct deposit