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The Entertainment Industry  Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program provides free income tax preparation to low and moderate income entertainment industry individuals and families. IRS Certified volunteers receive training to help prepare returns. Our goal is to ensure that all individuals and families claim their possible tax refund. VITA is being hosted at The Actors Fund and is supported in part by contributions from AEA, SAG-AFTRA, SAG Foundation and IATSE to assist their members. Volunteers go through an IRS certification process to be eligible to prepare taxes with clients. None of the Volunteers are paid to provide this assistance. Please review the eligibly criteria below and assess if you are a candidate to use this program.

You must meet the following eligibility criteria and be able to provide the following documents. You will NOT be seen unless you are able to provide the following:

  • In the last calendar year you are a low to moderate income earner 
  • Union Card Holder
  • Photo ID
  • Copy of last year’s tax return
  • A Completed VITA Packet: Download the VITA Worksheet Packet

VITA CANNOT PREPARE your return if you have the following types of filing status, income or assets:

  • Married: Filing Separate
  • mutal funds or stocks - K-1’s; no gains or losses from stocks mutual funds or investments
  • partnerships
  • corporations 
  • rental income
  • LLC
  • Foreign income, or received money from foreign savings, or any interest in foreign properties.

*If you have these types of needs on your tax return need, please know you will be turned away at your appointment. There are no exceptions.


We CAN prepare returns if you have an IRA or Roth IRA. Please be sure to bring the exact amount you have contributed for that tax year with you

** Home Office Deduction:  we will not use actual expenses for home office, we only use SAFE HARBOR (you will need to know the square feet of your home office and total square feet of your total home/apartment).**

Neither the Volunteers nor their sponsoring unions receive remuneration for the assistance you are receiving. They are NOT LEGALLY LIABLE FOR THERETURNS IN ANY WAY. Please follow the instructions to make sure the appointment is finalized.


Instructions To Book Appointment:

1. Select an option from the drop down menu from the Tax Preparation Tab on the left. Please select the one which best applies to your situation. (click next) 

If you have 1099 & W2 please select 1099 and if you have both and multiple states please select multiple states 

 2. Select a date. All available dates are in white, if you see dates in gray they are currently unavailable. (click next)

 3. Select a time (click next)

 4. Fill in your information. It is VERY important you complete your information to finalize your appointment (be sure to click Finalize Appointment) You will get a confirmation page. If you do not get this page you have not finalized your appointment. 

 5. Download & fill in all of the VITA Worksheet Packet

 Responsibility for the accuracy and completeness rests solely with the person(s) filing the returns. Should the return(s) be selected for audit by the IRS or any state agency, you will need to seek professional tax representation. VITA will not be able to represent you in this process.

Download the VITA Worksheet Packet


By participatinin this program, yoagree tallow VITA to retain your personal information.