Dear Waunakee Utilities Customer,

Subject: Transition to New Water Metering System

Waunakee Utilities is transitioning to a new water metering system.

The new system provides significant benefits to customers.  Customers will have the ability to be notified of small water leaks which can aid in conservation and lower water bills.  When fully deployed, customers will also have the ability to monitor water usage from a computer or smartphone.

The new system will allow meter readings to be obtained from the utility office and staff will no longer need to be dispatched throughout the service territory to obtain usage information as is currently being done.

The process to convert to the new water metering system is estimated to take up to four years to complete.  We ask for your cooperation during this process as utility staff will need to enter customer homes and businesses to change out the meter, which is generally located in the basement.

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Welcome to Waunakee Utilities online appointment system, where you can schedule time for your new water meter replacement. We would like to schedule a mutually-agreeable time for us to get access to the current water meter to replace it with a new one. Please contact Randy Dorn at 849-4107 for other times that are not available (those will be on a limited basis) or if you have any questions about the process.