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We have two locations:


College Hub South

Community Financial Center

2600 W. Stassney Ln.

Austin, TX  78745


College Hub North

Community Financial Center

5900 Airport Blvd

Austin, TX  78752




College Hub Appointment

Identify and work on action steps regarding accessing college and higher education. Often we work with students regarding:

- Financial Aid applications (FAFSA & TASFA)

- Scholarship applications

- Applying or enrolling in school

- Identifying your major and degree plan

- Understanding your financial aid award letter

- Support around identifying loan repayment plans and consolidation


And, most of all, general planning ahead for your higher education path. We work with people who are thinking about going back to school, adult learners interested in accessing their next level of education, high school seniors, students currently enrolled in college, and supportive family and loved ones who are interested in supporting a student in their lives. 

Give us a call at 512-610-4012 if you have a question before you make the appointment.


If you are meeting with us to complete the FAFSA or the TASFA, please bring your relevant tax documents. To file a 2020-21 financial aid application, you will need tax returns for 2018. If you are a dependant student, you will need to bring your parent's tax returns. 


SUCCEED Appointment


This appointment type is reserved for students who are enrolled and participating in Foundation Communities' Succeed program. This option is for scheduling your monthly check-in with your Succeed coach. We're excited to see you soon!