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The Tax Centers will be open from Monday, January 20th to Wednesday, April 15th. Click HERE for the tax season schedule with locations and hours.

Appointments are available for these locations ONLY:

o   Round Rock Public Library

o   Asian American Resource Center

o   Taxpayers requesting American Sign Language interpretation at Prosper Center South

You must schedule an appointment for each tax return you need prepared. 

All other sites are walk-in only. (We will not honor appointments made at Prosper Center South for those who do not need ASL interpretation.)

You must bring your photo identification and a Social Security card (or ITIN letter) for each person you will include on your tax return. Click HERE for a list of additional items you may need to bring. Both spouses must be present for tax preparation.

We can prepare returns for individuals or families with an adjusted gross income of up to $55,000 per year (for a family of 4 or fewer). For each additional family member, we add $5,000 to the limit (e.g. $60,000 limit for a family of 5, a $65,000 limit for a family of 6).


If you are scheduling an appointment and need language interpretation, please include a note in the "Special Instructions" section. (Please schedule the appointment at least 2 weeks in advance.) 


Please watch this video if scheduling an appointment at Prosper Center South and will need ASL interpretation. 

We can only prepare Basic returns at our tax sites for the first several weeks of the season. (We can prepare all types of returns for any year through our Drop Off program beginning January 20th. You can visit any tax center to take advantage of this service.)

Beginning February 17th, will begin preparing returns for prior years and returns containing the following:

o   Health insurance through the Marketplace (1095-A)

o   Schedule C for self-employed or contract workers (1099-MISC)

o   Sales of stocks or bonds (1099-B)

For questions or help scheduling an appointment, please call 2-1-1.