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You must have a ticket to The Independent Music Awards & Indie Konference before registering for these sessions.

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*One ticket covers 2 days of Events: Award, Konference & Parties. 


To Book A Mentor Session:

1.  Use the drop down menu on the left to book a 10 minute Mentoring slot.
2.  “Select Mentor” you want to schedule.
3.  Click Mentoring under “Select Mentor Session”
4.  Choose Date
5.  Click "Book It" next to the time you want


To Book A Workshop and/or Music Critique:

1.  Click the date listed under the session
2.  Click "Finalize Appointment" to confirm


First time registrants will need to create a Profile with User Name and Password. You will be required to use this User Name & Password for every session that you schedule.

You will be able to book a total of 6 scheduled sessions/per day (includes mentoring, critiques or workshops). 

*Please note: We reserve the right to cancel any sessions booked that exceed the 6/day limit. The IMAs and Music Resource Group cannot be held responsible for any mentors, performers or other scheduled contributors who are unable to appear for their session for any reason whatsoever.

Thank you!