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Kiddie, Youth, and Adult are explanatory ticket names based on animal activity level. An adult can purchase a kiddie or youth ticket. A youth can purchase a kiddie or youth ticket.

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Welcome to the Zoo'opolis scheduling page! Use the drop down to the left to reserve your tickets for the interactive Zoo'Opolis experience. There are three options: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. If you're doing a combination of all options, you will need to put in three separate reservations, one for each package. 2 year olds and younger no charge. 

Advanced $65.00 - 16 years and older. You also become a member for the day and have the option to participate in the Animal Ambassador Training Program (which gives you the ability to interact closely with all animals). Interact freely with all animals including fox, coatimundis, kinkajou and wolf. This also includes the Beginner and Intermediate packages.

Intermediate $35.00 - Suggested 5 years and older. Includes interaction with all animals except, the kinkajou, wolf, fox, and coatimundi. You will get to play with animals including chinchillas, skunks, prairie dogs, and various reptiles and birds, ect. This also includes the Beginner package.

Beginner $15.00 - Suggested 3 years and older. You will get to visit with all of the animals outside including, alpacas, donkey, peacocks, wallabies, muntjac deer and many more.

Please note: We are not guaranteeing that all animals are on exhibit at all times.

Each ticket represents a pass to the designated location. If you purchase a kiddie ticket, you will not be able to go into the youth and adult areas without purchasing a pass specifically for them.