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Advanced Tele-Genetic Counseling 

1.  Check your preferred timezone.
Our practice default is listed in Eastern Time. You may adjust to view appointment times in your own timezone.

2.  Enter your preferred language for genetic counseling.
If your preferred language is not spoken by an AT-GC genetic counselor, translation services are available on-demand. 

3.  Enter your state or territory of residence.
You must enter your correct location to avoid possible rescheduling of your appointment.

4.  Select "No preference" for your genetic counselor, or select the genetic counselor you wish to see.
Genetic counselor availability may differ by location.

5.  Select an appointment time and complete the necessary information to confirm your appointment request. 

6. Visit AT-GC Online for more information about genetic counseling and what to expect from a genetic counseling appoointment with AT-GC.