The world of genetic understanding is growing. Let's navigate it together. 

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Welcome to Advanced Tele-Genetic Counseling


Welcome! AT-GC's certified genetic counselors provide genetic counseling consultations through telehealth to help navigate the world of hereditary conditions and personalized genomics.

Genetic counseling consultations include in-depth discussions about your personal and family health histories and specific genetic risks, as well as information related to, and interpretation of, complex genetic testing results.


Scheduling your appointment

Ready to begin your genetic counseling journey? 

Use the Appointment Locator to schedule a genetic counseling appointment. Please select your local time zone to view available appointments in the correct time.

After submitting your genetic counseling appointment request, you will receive a confirmation email with information to access the AT-GC Client Portal. From within the portal, you will complete intake, informed consent, and payment information (when applicable*) and receive instructions about how to upload existing genetic testing results and/or clinical information and how to access and connect with the AT-GC genetic counselor at your appointment time.


What to expect 

Your time is important to us, and so is thorough, compassionate care. AT-GC’s genetic counseling consultations are provided using secure telemedicine technology. 

Appointments may take place via phone, tablet, or computer from the comfort of your home or from your provider's office.


Thank you!

We appreciate you and your decision to allow AT-GC's genetic counselors to support you during your genetic counseling journey. Thank you for providing us the opportunity to assist with your genetic counseling care. We are here for you, anytime and anywhere.

We'd love to hear from you! Should you need assistance with the scheduler or have questions, please email us or call us at 888-252-ATGC. The AT-GC Care Team Administrators are here to help.

The world of genetic understanding is growing. Let's navigate it together. 



If your provider's office or the genetics company related to your care is an instiutionally-contracted partner with AT-GC, the genetic counseling cost may be covered by your referring institution -- please contact the organization that referred you to confirm your responsibility, if any. Payment will only be collected from you if you are the responsible for the genetic counseling fee. If your appointment is covered by the contracted partner group, you will not receive a bill from AT-GC. The organization referring you will inform you whether or not you are responsible for the cost of genetic counseling.


Self-pay patients are responsible for covering the full amount for the genetic counseling appointment. The fee per genetic counseling consultation is $119 and will be collected via verified credit card or HSA payment through the AT-GC Client Portal preceeding your scheduled appointment time. If you need to cancel your appointment or cannot complete the required intake documentation, please contact us at least 48 business hours prior to the scheduled appointment time to prevent charge in full for the genetic counseling services. 

AT-GC is currently out-of-network will all health insurance plans. We do not bill insurance at this time; however, it is possible that services may be reimbursable, as genetic counseling is a covered service under many commercial insurance plans. If you are the responsible party for your genetic counseling appointment, you may decide to request reimbursement directly by submitting a claim to the company providing your health insurance. We would be happy to provide you a receipt for services to assist with this process. 

For self-pay individuals, AT-GC offers financial assistance via a reduction in fees for patients in need who meet certain criteria and who are able to provide the required supporting documentation. You may request a copy of AT-GC's Patient Assistance Application from our AT-GC Care Team Administrators. To see if you may qualify, please consult the POVERTY GUIDELINES FOR THE 48 CONTIGUOUS STATES AND THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA.