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Advanced Tele-Genetic Counseling New Patient Scheduling

How to schedule comprehensive genetic counseling

1.  Use the Appointment Locator to schedule your initial genetic counseling appointment.
     Check your preferred timezone. Our practice default is listed in Eastern Time. You may adjust to view in your own timezone, if needed.

2.  Enter your preferred language.
     If your preferred language is not listed, translation services are available on-demand.

3.  Enter your state or territory of residence.
     You must enter your correct current state to avoid possible rescheduling of your appointment.

4.  Select "No preference" for you genetic counselor, or select the genetic counselor you wish to see.
     Genetic counselor availability may differ by location.

5.  Follow the directions to choose and select an appointment time.

6.  Complete the necessary information to confirm your appointment request. 

7.  Complete intake, informed consent, and payment information within the AT-GC Client Portal.
     After submitting your genetic counseling appointment request, you will receive a confirmation email within one business day containing login information to access the AT-GC Client Portal. From within the portal, you will complete intake, informed consent, and payment information (when applicable*). You will receive instructions about how to upload existing genetic testing results or other documentation and how to connect with the AT-GC genetic counselor at your appointment time.

What to expect 

Your time is important to us, and so is thorough, compassionate care.
AT-GC’s genetic counseling consultations are provided using secure telehealth technology. 
Appointments take place via your phone, tablet, or computer.

The fee for your comprehensive genetic counseling includes all aspects of the genetic counseling process, including both initial and results care, based on your personal genomic risks and next-steps needs, and may be comprised of the New Patient Initial Consultation, Genetic Testing Coordination, a Follow-Up Results Interpretation Consultation. 

During your New Patient Initial Consultation, your AT-GC Genetic Counselor:

a. Reviews and compiles your personal and family genetic health history, dating back three generations, if possible.

b. Completes and discusses your genetic risk assessment and identifies your personalized genetic risk factors.

c. Reviews relevant testing options that may be appropriate for you, or discusses the results of existing genetic testing results, if you have them. 

d. Discusses in detail the benefits and limitations of the genetic testing most applicable for you and supports you in your decision to have or not have genetic testing.

e. Works with you and/or your healthcare team to help facilitate and coordinate genetic testing* — DNA samples can often be mailed in without you needing to leave the house.

f. After genetic testing, your provider or your genetic counselor inform you of your specific results. The genetic counselor will meet with you** to ensure that genetic testing results are received and fully understood. 

g. Provides follow-up support for genetic testing results by helping outlay the meaning of specific genetic findings and their potential implications for your health and/or the health of your family members.

h. Can communicate with your healthcare team to share next-steps information for your wellness, health management, and follow-up, should recommendations exist following genetic testing results.

i. Determines who in the family is also at risk for any genetic findings.  

j. Provides easy-to-understand interpretation of any complex genetics results into meaningful records for your ongoing care. 

*Note: AT-GC is an independent provider and is unaffiliated with any particular genetic testing laboratory. The cost of genetic testing is separate and your responsibility, if any, for genetic testing cost will be available from the laboratory performing your genetic testing. 

**No Additional Cost: If genetic testing is ordered in conjunction with coordination from an AT-GC genetic counselor, a secondary results counseling appointment is included at no additional cost.   

Thank you 

We appreciate the opportunity for our genetic counseling team to support you during your genetic counseling journey. We are here for you, anytime and anywhere, and we'd love to hear from you. Should you need assistance with the scheduler or have additional questions, please email us. 

More information

For more information, visit AT-GC online or click to learn more about our AT-GC Genetic Counseling Team and what to expect during your genetic counseling consultation with our Getting Started with AT-GC What-to-Expect Guide for Patients.

Self-pay patients

Payment for comprehensive genetic counseling:  The fee for AT-GC's comprehensive genetic counseling is $268 USD*. This fee will be collected via verified credit card or HSA payment through the AT-GC Client Portal prior to or at the time of the appointment. Self-pay patients are responsible for covering the full cost of their genetic counseling evaluation. 

*Note: If you have existing genetic testing results, and are a patient under the care of a physician and have completed a three-generation family genetic health history (i.e. genetic "pedigree"), contact our AT-GC Care Team at to inquire about our Results-Only New Patient Consultation, which is offered for a reduction in fee for the results-only genetic counseling evaluation. Our Care Team Coordinator will help you schedule your appointment directly by email or phone and will provide instruction about how to securely upload your existing test results and additional information. Thank you.

Cancellation policy: To avoid cancellation of your appointment, you must provide verified payment information through the AT-GC Client Portal at least 48 hours before your scheduled appointment. Patient cancellations and no-shows less than 24 hours before the appointment will incur a charge of 50% of the service amount.

Out-of-network: AT-GC is currently out-of-network with all commercial health insurance plans. AT-GC does not accept Medicaid, Medicare, or Tricare (including managed plans).

Reimbursement: Our services may or may not be reimbursable, as genetic counseling is a covered service under many commercial insurance plans. We can provide a superbill to you should you request it.

Superbills: You may decide to request reimbursement directly by submitting a claim to the company providing your health insurance. We can provide you a superbill -- a detailed receipt of your genetic counseling session -- to assist with this process. You can use the information provided on the superbill to submit the claim to your insurance company's member website to seek reimbursement.

Financial assistance program: It is our goal to help make genetic counseling more accessible to individuals who need it. AT-GC offers financial assistance via a reduction in fees for patients who meet certain criteria and who are able to provide the required supporting documentation. Following the appointment, patients meeting financial need may be reimbursed a portion of the fee per appointment cost if this need is documented and attested by the patient. You may request a copy of AT-GC's Patient Assistance Application by emailing our AT-GC Care Team Coordinators. To see if you may qualify, please consult the poverty guidelines updated periodically in the Federal Register by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services under the authority of 42 U.S.C. 9902(2)

Patients of AT-GC partner organizations

No cost: If your provider's office or the genetics company related to your care is an instiutional partner with AT-GC, the genetic counseling cost may be covered by your referring institution -- please contact the organization that referred you to confirm your responsibility, if any. Payment will only be collected from you if you are the responsible party for the genetic counseling fee. If your appointment is covered by the contracted partner group, you will not receive a bill from AT-GC and your insurance will not be billed. The organization referring you will inform you whether or not you are responsible for the cost of genetic counseling.