Welcome to Barbara's Electrology Clinic!

Serving the Topeka area since 1980.  Electrolysis is the only FDA recognized method of permanent hair removal. Barbara is available to answer any questions you have about the process and about your treatments. Additional information can be found at WebMD.

MARCH 2020 CoVid19 information:  PLEASE DO CANCEL YOUR APPOINTMENT IF YOU HAVE CONCERNS ABOUT THE STATUS OF YOUR HEALTH.  IF I HAVE ANY SYMPTOMS - I WILL BE CANCELLING APPOINTMENTS.  Throughout the scheduling system you will see information about keeping and canceling your appointment.

First time appointment information.

Office Policies

Problems with the scheduling system?  Please call Barbara at 785-266-0982 to make or change appointments.  

Worried about the weather?  Please do reschedule if weather conditions make it unsafe for you to come.  Please do this online, or text Barbara at 554.5590.  

NEW FEATURE:  You will be asked if you would like a text reminder an hour or two prior to your appointment.  You may opt out at any time.

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