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Welcome to the Penquis HEAP Appointment Scheduling System

Helpful Information


The Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) is a program that provides a fixed amount of funding to Maine each year from the federal government. Based on the most current projections, we will not be able to guarentee payment for processed applications taken after 5:00 PM on 03/01/2024. HEAP has now used over 75% of the funds available and has additional applications in the pipeline that we expect will use the remaining funds. We will make every effort to provide assistance to eligible applicants who submit a complete applicatiob bt the deadline, but cann ot guarentee that assistance will be available. 

You may not find appointments available until Feb. or later, this is because priority is mandated for older adults (60 or older) or families with small children (6 years of age and under) in the home and individuals who have a disability. Continue to scroll until you find an available date. 

We understand this process can be a challenge and that it requires documentation, time and effort.  We appreciate your patience as we work together to keep Maine families warm. Last year Penquis processed close to 12,000 applications and we will do our very best to assist you through the application process.  Below is a list of items needed to help you prepare for your appointment.

Following your interview please send in the following documentation.  Your application can't be completed without the following items.

  1. Primary applicant, (the person applying) if available, will need to provide a valid photo ID such as Driver’s License, State Issued ID Card, Passport, SNAP/EBT Photo ID or US Military Photo ID Card.
  2. Social Security cards & dates of birth for all household members.
  3. Your most recent electric bill.
  4. A copy of your fuel bill with your name and account number.
  5. Name address and phone number of the landlord, if you are renting. If you live in a hotel/motel, please provide 60 continuous days of receipts.
  6. Proof of all gross income for all household members for the previous 1 month; if self employed current tax return.
  7. Notice of Decision providing proof that you are currently receiving SNAP or TANF.
  8. Additional documents including but not limited to: Proof of all interest income, general assistance, school loans or grants, child support, TANF, and notes of support from anyone who assisted you or your household: with dollar amount of assistance for the same time frame as your gross income.
  9. Copy of Divorce Decree or Parental Rights Agreement or Primary Residency Form to show proof of Primary Residency for all minor children.
  10. If you are the guardian for a client, you will need to send in your Guardianship Documents and your Photo ID ahead of your appointment.  You will also need to send the client’s Photo ID in order for your application to be completed.  The client does not need to be present.

Funding provided by Maine Housing