Beth Lynch

* Medium * Intuitive Consultant

* Meditation * Inner Light Classes



218 Hamilton Street

Geneva, NY 14456

Coldwell Banker Building

Parking & entrance in back


              Beth Lynch Inner Light Teachings

For further assistance making an appointment please email info@innerlightteaching.com or call 1.888.271.4487.  Your call will be returned within 24 hours.  


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INNER LIGHT TEACHING Coldwell Banker Building 218 Hamilton Street Geneva, NY 14456 Directions 888.271.4487   Please note, all Services beginning September1, 2019, will be subject to the new rates as noted by service info. Welcome to the Inner Light Teachings on-line appointment system. This is a convenient way to schedule with no wait. We will be notified of your appointment immediately as will you. If you are a new user or returning user to this system please follow these instructions:   -Select a Service -Select day and time (Please be aware that days and times available are white and days that are booked are grey)  -Click on appropriate box for new user or returning user. -Fill out information and submit. You will receive an immediate appointment confirmation. If you do not receive this confirmation, the appointment was not made.   Please allow 24 hour cancellation of your appointment. Log into the system with your email you provided and click on cancel appointment or call 888.271.4487. Saturday & Monday appointments are available please call or email the service you want to schedule.     For further assistance call 888.271.4487 or email info@innerlightteaching.com. You will also receive a 24 hour confirmation before your appointment from the service and a courtesy phone call from the center.   If there are any changes in group appointments, if the number increases or decreases, please let us know.   There is a waiting list and this will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you again for your trust & support in services & classes. Beth Lynch Inner Light Teaching    **Refunds will only be given in the form of gift certificates, products or services.