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Office of Student Services 


Please use the appointment system to schedule an advising session with an  College of Human Sciences & Education Advisor.



Appointment Availability


  • Appointments open for one week at a time.  Appointments for each will be made available at 8:30 AM every Friday.  If you are on your computer prior to 8:30 AM you must refresh your browser for available appointments.
  • If the calendar is all Gray for the week; the appointments are currently all booked for the WEEK. 
  • Please continue to check the appointment system for availability due to cancellations and/or same day appointments.
      • HSE RESIDENTIAL COLLEGE STUDENTS:                                                                    Advising in 1007 Cypress Hall is available for College of Human Sciences & Education (HSE) Residential College students.
      • When scheduling an appointment, HSE Residential College students may choose “HSE Residential College” as the appointment type in the “Select Services” drop-down menu. Because card access is required to enter Cypress Hall, this service is available only to HSE Residential College students. Appointments cannot be honored if students who are not in the HSE Residential College select this service. 


Student Resources:


      • The following services do not require an appointment, these issues can be addressed at the Front Desk in 236 Peabody Hall:

                   Completeing an Admission Application
                   Invoking the Grade Exclusion Policy
                   Requesting a Final Exam schedule change
                   Adding or Dropping a minor


 You may also review our College of Human Sciences & Education pages for the following the information:




August 21

Fall classes begin


August 29

Final date for dropping courses without receiving a 'W' by 4:30 p.m.


August 30

Final date to complete paperwork at the front desk to implement grade exclusion policy, and final date for adding courses and making section changes by 4:30 p.m. 


October 22

Labor Day holiday


November 3

Final date for resigning or dropping courses with a ‘W’ by 4:30 p.m., and final date to request rescheduling a final examination when three examinations are scheduled in 24 hours