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What are our receiving policies?


·     We receive deliveries by appointment only


·     We do not have overnight parking


·     We do not allow drop trailers


·    All incoming shipments must have an itemized BOL


·    Carrier performance regarding on time and successful delivery of appointments will be evaluated and used to determine future deliveries from our suppliers


How can I book a delivery appointment?


1.     Select the location that the shipment is delivering to in the (Docks) drop down


2.     Click the day in which you would like to book an appointment


3.     Grayed out days are unavailable


4.     Days in white with a blue hyperlink are available days


5.     Click (BOOK IT) next to the appointment slot you would like to book


6.     You will now be able to select if you are a new user or a returning user


7.     If you are a new user you will be prompted to create a login. This login can be used to book future appointments


8.     The e-mail that you type in for this login will be used for appointment confirmations, cancelation, and updates to your appointment


9.     You can add additional e-mail addresses to receive updates, but they have to be separated by commas


10    Once you have completed all of your contact information, click (FINALIZE APPOINTMENT)


What if the date or time I want to book is grayed out?


This means that date or time is unavailable and is already booked. You can choose an alternate date or time or you can be patient and continue to check online if a cancelation has occurred. We have cancelations daily.


How can I cancel an appointment I have booked?


1.    Login using your username and password


2.    Scroll down to future appointments section


3.    Find the appointment you want to cancel


4.    Click the cancel button to the right of the appointment


5.    Enter the reason for canceling


6.    You’ll receive a cancelation confirmation e-mail


How can I change a shipment # on an appointment I already have booked?


You can contact us through e-mail to change your shipment #’s for an existing appointment. The best way to contact us is through e-mail. If we do not answer the phone, then leave a voice-mail message with your phone # and e-mail.


Contact Information:


Southern Eagle Distributing (Charleston, SC):

James Amerman 843-388-6818



Crown Beverages (Florence, SC):

Brent Blalock 843-669-7432 



Southern Crown Partners (Orangeburg, SC):

Zachary Gonya



Southern Eagle Distributing (Blackshear, GA):

Patrick Mullis



Southern Eagle Distributing (Fitzgerald, GA):

Charlie Strahan



Southern Eagle Distributing (Savannah, GA):

Anthony Brown



Southern Eagle Distributing (Vidalia, GA):

David Kilgore