Online Scheduler for Practice Assessment


Please follow the steps below to schedule your Practice Assessment appointment.

1. Select assessment type2. Select examiner3. Select Date4. Select Time

Assessment Availability Locator
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Welcome to the Practice Assessment Scheduler!


How to Schedule a Practice Assessment:  

  • Under "Assessment Availability Locator," select the name of a practitioner for your degree program (in parenthesis).
  • Select the available dates from the calendar options.
  • Select your preferred time from the available time slots.
  • Confirm your selection.
  • That's it! You will receive an automatic email confirming the appointment date and time.


How to Prepare for an Assessment:  Be sure to review the Practice Assessments page for information on what to bring to your meeting.  Note that your Practice portfolio may take some time, so give yourself enough time between now and your meeting to prepare.


Each degree program has specific Skill Level and Practice Hour benchmarks for Segment 2 and Graduation.  See Practice Requirements to determine whether you should sign up for an assessment.


If you have any questions about practice assessments, email or stop by our office on the 5th floor of 320 Newbury.