The Fall Creek Tennis Courts will be undergoing an upgrade starting Nov. 9th, 2020. This project will upgrade the fencing that is curling at the bottom and resurfacing all four courts. This process is necessary every 8-10 years and we are approaching year 12. We have been able to extend the life of our courts with excellent routine maintenance. During the entire project two courts will remain open and playable, while the contractors work on two courts. The schedule will be as follows:

November 9-15: Courts 3 & 4 - Fence Replacement


Novemeber 16-22:  Courts 1 & 2 - Fence Replacement 


Novemeber 23-29: Courts 1 & 2 -  Resurfacing


November 30- December 5: Court 3 & 4 - Resurfacing



  1. Courts are to be used for Tennis ONLY
  2. Fall Creek Resident must be present with their Guests
  3. Proper attire required (shirts, shoes, etc.)
  4. No pets within fenced area
  5. No bicycles, roller skates, skateboards, food, glass containers or alcoholic beverages
  6. Do not abuse net or other equipment
  7. No marking or writing on courts
  8. Rules violations or damages will result in suspension of court privileges
  9. Unauthorized Instructors, Clinics, Leagues or Tournaments are prohibited


The Fall Creek Tennis Committee oversees the reservation system. If you have an issue logging in to the site please email  

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