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Welcome to Our Online Reservation System

Testing appointments are reserved for San Juan candidates ONLY, please only schedule an appointment if you are applying for a San Juan job posting. 

How to Schedule an Appointment

One appointment at a time. To schedule a 2-hour pre-employment test for the Workplace Technology Assessment, Instructional Assistant Proficiency, or Account Clerk/Fiscal Tech positions, select 'Pre-Employment Testing' from the 'Select Service' drop-down menu. Upon arriving to your appointment, you will need to specify which of the above pre-employment tests you require. 

To schedule a fingerprinting appointment, select 'Fingerprinting' from the 
'Select Service' drop-down menu. Then click your preferred day of the week and time. 

Language Testing - Bilingual Instructional Assistants & Interpreters
Please call
(916) 971-7658 to schedule the required language tests; Monday through Friday, either 8:00 am or 12:00 pm test times each day. At these appointments, testing will be provided first for English and then your specified language consecutively.

*If there are no testing appointments available prior to the closing of the job you're applying for, please call (916) 971-7745 and we will accommodate a day/time that will work with your timeline.

Volunteers - Registration & Fingerprinting
Individuals that would like to volunteer for school sites and/or district programs, must first complete the Volunteer Verification registration at
Then you will be sent an email with instructions to schedule a fingerprinting appointment (see above) along with a Volunteer Fingerprint Authorization form to complete and bring with you to your appointment (we must have a printed copy). If you did not receive this form via email, you can find the form on our website at or you can complete one at the Human Resources office (please give yourself a few extra minutes to complete this prior to your fingerprinting appointment). Contact (916) 971-7929 with questions regarding volunteer clearances.

To Cancel an Existing Appointment
If you cannot make your appointment for any reason, please refer to your confirmation text or email to cancel. You can also cancel by calling (916) 971-7658.