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The purpose of the City of Las Vegas Video Inspection Program is to provide an alternative for eligible inspections, including limited re-inspections. The program requires the customer to use Skype app on a minimum 4G smart phone in order to interact with the City Inspector.

The inspection process shall include:

·         Scheduling of inspection at

·         Scheduling of remote video inspection via Appointment Plus link on our inspection scheduling page.

·         City Inspector will initiate a Skype call to the customer.

·         Inspector will direct customer on video images of work to be inspected.

·         Inspection results will be resulted in the system.

If for any reason the Inspector is not able to complete the inspection via the Video Inspection Program, every effort will be made to route a field inspector to complete the inspection the same day. If this is not possible, the inspector will schedule a field inspection for the next business day.

Prior to scheduling your first video inspection, Click Here.


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