Mathnasium of Renton Highlands Online Booking System 4250 NE 4th Street, Suite D, Renton, WA 98059      Phone: (425) 276-7633   Last-minute online bookings for Math Workout Sessions are welcome. Our email is for non-urgent matters, and we will return all emails within 1-2 business days. If you expect to get a response in the same day, please do not use email but call us at (425) 276-7633. 90-minute sessions are for high school students only, unless you receive prior written consent from the Center Director. Sessions over 60 minutes may have negative impact on attitude towards math for younger students. Please cancel half an hour before your appointment time to make room for other families. If you are not able to cancel online, please call (425) 276-7633 to avoid "no show". Repeat "no shows" of three times or more will result in those sessions counting towards your total number of attendance per month, and Mathnasium of Renton Highlands will bill for these sessions at each month end. Make-up sessions must be completed within the following calendar month for active members only and do not roll over.

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